Monday, January 11, 2010

Day Seven: Eurotrash Scarab

Day Seven: I'm behind on my postings, but this was day 7. Someday I will make a text bubble that reads, "Ou est la discotheque?"


  1. I like the ubiquitous Flight of the Conchords question there... very bold colors on the top arc.

  2. Where is negative Bob? I love all of your designs, but I'm still waiting for my favorite.


  3. It's actually up for rating at It's doing pretty well. I think it will eventually make it to print over there. If you have an account there (or have time to create one), you could help it along. I can't seem to copy and paste the link here in this comment, but I submitted it kind of recently so you should be able to find it easily in the "weekly contest."

    Glad you remember that one. :)