Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Five: They Doth Protest

Day Five: Worked on this design. Any advice would be appreciated. I don't think it's as good as it could be, so I might have to put it aside for awhile.


  1. I like it as a drawing. If you're thinking of shirting it, tho, I dunno... it's quite wordy in a very condensed area, and probably a bit difficult to grasp conceptually, for the worn canvas. Otherwise, tho, I'm really liking what you've done in the early going.

  2. Ha! The Speaker is funny. I think it's a great little cartoon. Maybe it's too wordy for a tee, but I like the humor, and the speech sets up a great little character.

  3. I completely agree with the above - big speech bubble would not work on a tee. Maybe also think of some punnier text for the signs - "Whacking is Whack" is a great one but the others are generic. First one in my head is "Whack not, want not" but I'm sure you could do much better.

    Drawing is excellent, as always!

  4. I love, "Whack Not, Want Not!"

    I kind of thought it might work on a tee if I made the "And if you WHACK us, shall we not revenge" the focal point of the bubble and left the rest of the words really small, since they're not the important part. I haven't done that yet, but I think it kind of looks neat on a tee (see above). Still no?

    It IS wordy though. I guess I just don't expect it all to be read. I always like how text looks on a shirt, even if it's superfluous. This is probably my hamartia (smart word!)

  5. I'm sure I'm understanding that it's re: Whack a' Moles, correct? Maybe have them popping out of the ground with their signs and such. Also, maybe one of them is too scared to even pop out and only his little "no hammer" sign is showing out of the hole.

    Anyway, just a suggestion. Love what you're coming up with with your MSCE.

  6. Excellent work at continuing this thing a day thing, every day.

    -Change the text color where the mole text differs from the original Shakespeare. That would make it seem like a 'smarter' shirt to me.
    -Make the Plastic Man-like mole be more hugging the other mole, rather than snaking out, and put a hand on him/her. This would emphasize the "moles have feelings"

    I love that this is text heavy. I love shirts like this, and since it's your hamartia, it would be awesome if you did more text intensive shirts. And, maybe to emphasize this text heaviness even more on this shirt, you could add a bunch of discarded signs of whacked moles at the other moles' feet.

  7. I love this, but the straight line is what throws me off. Maybe alternate them around, kind of like in the game?

  8. Good ideas, Swamp. Especially changing the text colors for emphasis. Also more signs. I'll try that.

    @Maven and D1 - I sketched it out with them popping out of holes at first, but it didn't sit too well on the shirt. Maybe I should try it again. I think it would help the concept, you're right.